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Timber PreservationWhile Western Red Cedar enjoys a well deserved reputation as a durable timber that retains it’s natural beauty over time, implementing a regular cleaning schedule will assist in preserving the coating and appearance of your timber garage doors for years to come. All timber is uniquely different and varies in appearance, colour, grain and texture. These variations in colour, grain and texture are unavoidable and are part of the natural beauty of timber. These are not considered defects.

All our timber doors can be supplied unfinished (raw), oiled or part sealed/primed. Timber is a natural product that is greatly affected by changes in moisture. These changes in moisture will cause the timber to warp, crack or in some cases rot. Unprotected timber can physically deteriorate if exposed to atmospheric extremes over a period of time. All timber products should be painted, sealed or finished before being installed, to help protect them from changes in moisture.

The face and all edges of the door should be painted immediately before the installation takes place. Always follow the paint manufacturers instructions on the number of coats required. All the edges need to receive the same number of coats as the door face. Generally, paint manufacturers will specify that you should give timber a light sand between coats prior to finishing. Always refer to paint manufacturers advice.

Always store your doors in dry covered premises, not in wet or exposed areas where moisture can get to the door. Your doors should be stored flat, off the ground/floor.

Raw Sanded Finish

This option gives flexibility and is ideal so the client can match up to other timber finishes on the site. All of our timber and plywood doors come with the inside pre-treated using a single coat of water based natural tinted sealer. All timber doors should be painted, sealed or finished before being installed to help protect them from the elements. Any warranty claim made in relation to water ingress prior to sealing or painting will not be accepted.

Oiled – Single Coat of Cutek Extreme Oil

This option is suitable for clients who are looking for an easy to apply and re-coat option without having to engage painters or specialists. This preservative/coating stabilises timber from day one, giving it protection. Cutek Extreme works differently to most other coatings and oils it has been developed to migrate very deeply into the timber and timber soaks it up like a sponge providing moisture protection and long-term dimensional stability from the inside out. It is recommended that this oil be re-applied on site every 4 to 6 months, depending on the aspect of the door.

Primed Finish

This option is best suited for clients that are looking to achieve a solid colour painted finish. We can prime coat the doors using an oil-based primer ready for final preparation and coating to be done on site by others.

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